We offer ATE Board Design, Simulation, PCB Fabrication, Component Sourcing, Component Assembly, Post Assembly Flying Probe Test, AOI Inspection, etc.

ISO Certifications

  • ISO 14001:2015 Certified

    ISO 14001:2015 Certified

    Our design center and PCB factory

  • IS09001:2015 Certified

    IS09001:2015 Certified

    Our design center and PCB factory

  • ESD S20.20 Certified

    ESD S20.20 Certified

    Our Assembly and FQC Area

Experience in High Speed design

3.2 Gbps DDR2 10 Gbps DDR3
4.2 Gbps DDR4 6.4 Gbps DDR5
2.6 GHz RF Tranceiver 40 GHz RF Application Board
2.4 Ghz Bluetcoth 1,2,3.0,NFC,Mobile Wireless,WLAN GPS 3.4 Gbps,4.5 Gbps HDMI
2.5 GHz Wi-MAX 3.6 Gbps Memary
3.125 GHz Hyper Transport 5 Gbps USB 3.0
5 GHz WLAN,Mobile Wireless 6 Gbps Sata I II III
10 GHz Sonet 6 Gbps Serial ATA
13 GHz XDR 8,16,32 Gbps PCIE 1,2.0,3.0
13 GHz Sonet/SDH 16 Gbps Image Signal Processor
56 Gbps Serdes
  • RF Layout

    5Ghz and 2.4Ghz Multi site RF 0.5mm pitch Quad site

  • High Speed Differential Pair

    25 Gbps Serdes

  • 0.35mm pitch Direct Probe Octal Site RF

    32 RF Ports per Site

  • High Density Layout

    0.4mm Pitch 12 Sites with
    12 x 0.35mm Pitch ICs and
    24 x 0.40mm Pitch ICs

  • DUT Pitch

    0.30mm Pitch Single Site
    0.35mm Pitch Octal Site
    0.40mm Pitch Quad Site

Advance Capacity

PCB Fabrication


Road Map

Zero One has a strong R&D Department and constantly strives to improve our processes and evaluate better materials.

Benefits of Working With Zero One

  • We have our own design centers and PCB factory that allows us to offer fast delivery time and competitive price.
  • The design team and factory are strictly dedicated and focused on ATE performance boards and bench boards.
  • Our equipment is of the latest technology in the industry.
  • Our quality and reliability are the drivers of our growth.
  • We are a leading global supplier of ATE and related boards and services as attested by our customers.