To develop a Zero One vertical probe card system with better performance than similar types of vertical probe cards in the market,with a significant cost benefit and fast delivery.

Probe Head Technology

Probe Technology: A proven technology -- vertical bucking beam


  • The contact force is relative linear;
  • Able to achieve small pitch with incremental increase in cost;
  • Single probe replacement on site.

Probe Card Automation Manufacturing&Inspection

Drilling technology: Laser drill


  • Capable of drilling very small holes;
  • Lower drill cost than mechanical drill.

Zeroone have developed the following automatic machines to form the probes:

  • Wire cutting, probe length measurement and insertion into plating fixture;
  • Plating line to form the space transformer end of the probe;
  • Probe tip and tail grinding machine to control length;
  • QA machine to measure straightness and length of a probe and to measure the probe diameter and input results into a data base.

Building the Probe Head

  • NC machine and lapping machine to form the parts of the probe head;
  • Laser machine to drill the holes in the ceramic guide plates;
  • Automatic machine to insert probes into ceramic guide plates(240 probes per hour)

Probe Card

  • Developed MLO/MLC vapor soldering process;
  • Final lapping machine to grind the probe tips after assembling the probe card (for planarity control);
  • MeasureX,Y,Zposition of the probe tips;
  • Developed leakage current measurement machine.


  • Probe card with excellent specification achieved from automation;
  • Offer low cost per probe price to the market;
  • Offer competitive price on the interface: multi-site MLO carrier and low assembly cost;
  • Fast delivery by automating the manufacturing process;
  • Developing pointed tip probe for fine pitch pad probing;


Flex PCB Assembly

Multisite MLO Space Transformer

Multisite MLO Interposer Space Transformer

Direct Attach

Advantage Between MLO or MLC Space Transformer vs. Direct Attach

  • MLO/MLC Space Transformer:

    I. MLO or the MLC must be mounted on PCB via soldering.

    a. Soldering interconnection is one of the major problem in probe card performance:

    1. Cold solder at the joint such as de-wetting or snow-man causing electrical failure.
  • Direct Attach: Zero One has developed 150um pitch PCB which, probe head can be mounted directly onto the PCB.

    I. Advantage:

    a. No soldering is required.